Trusting & Trying

Here’s what I believe: When something is going really good in life + you are truly happy, Satan slithers his way in + tries to knock you down. I’ve been letting this happen way too much lately. Let me explain a little more; here’s what happened Monday…

We were getting new carpet installed  + were signing with our contractor to begin the building process of our forever-home at the same time. Total cloud 9 moment. Then we got a phone call saying our carpet installation wasn’t going the way we planned. In moments like this, I usually say a little Sunday School phrase from back in the day, “I believe in Jesus, Satan take a hike!” Because I truly believe that declaring my love + belief in the Lord will wash away all the bad ju-ju happeneing in that moment. But wouldn’t ya know, that wasn’t the end of it. Throughout the day, we had thing after thing happen to throw us off of the path that we put ourselves on. And that was the problem. We were trying to control the situation instead of just sitting back + letting Him take over. We had opportunity after opportunity to give into the temptation of getting upset about the “bad” things happening (not going to lie, I let it get to me a couple of times) instead of focusing on the good + exciting leaps we were taking.

We’re now two days past those bumps in the road + we have beautiful new carpet, our home is officially on the market, and we’re projected to move into our forever-home in December. So it leads me to wonder why it’s so hard to just trust that things are going to be okay instead of letting those tiny stressers in life take over. Because there’s a lot of good happening in our life right now… we’re getting ready to sell our first house, we’re in the process of building our forever-home, we both love our jobs,  my list could go on + on.

So here’s to trusting + trying.
May we all choose to celebrate the good in life + overcome the bad.

xo . t

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