Adoption Day

Today our hearts grow four times in size. Kathy, Carlos, Jose + Lucy have been a part of the Goertz family for a while, but today we make the official promise to love them forever as our own. Today is adoption day.

For those of you who don't know, Jesus, Kathy, Carlos, Jose + Lucy came into our lives through the foster care system. I want to share the full story, but for now I'll just say what we've been saying for years – it is hard to share shampoo + parents.

Fast forward to today. Kathy, Carlos, Jose + Lucy are legally a part of our loud, chaotic, unconditional loving family. Their talents, humor, hugs + resilience are what makes our family complete.

In a courtroom full of caseworkers, attorneys and others who have helped to get us to this point, my parents promised to love + care for Kathy, Carlos, Jose + Lucy as their own – like they have been for what feels like a lifetime. Hearing a promise like that solidifies the fact I've known for 24 years… My parents are the most amazing people.

So here's to adoption + family + unconditional love.


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