Meet My Main Squeeze

I want to introduce you to the one who inspires me + pushes me to grab life by the…marbles. Whether you know him outside of this blogger-world or not, I want to shed light on just how simply amazing Matthew is. Sorry (or not) in advance for gushing.

First of all, Matt is a firefighter – which you may have read on my About Me page. He is the most self-less, compassionate, strong-willed person I know. His drive for success, both in life + work, keeps him going, even when he’s running off of 3 hours of sleep in 3 days. While it’s tough spending holidays+birthdays+nights apart, I’m incredibly grateful that my husband gets to be someone else’s hero, too.

Since we began this life journey (back in 2008!), he has constantly challenged me. Every day I am challenged to be a better wife, friend, sister, daughter, Christ follower, etc. + I have him to thank for that.

I love lists. So here’s some of my favorite things about my Matty:

  1. He sold his 2nd love (b/c I was his first, duh) so I could get a more practical vehicle.
  2. He cheers for the underdog. i.e. Mizzou football 😉
  3. He isn’t a touchy-feely guy, but always gives in to my plea to cuddle.
  4. He’s very superstitious + never misses out on the opportunity to ‘knock on wood.’
  5. He has a mustache + ROCKS IT.
  6. He loves to jam out in the car but is horrible at remembering lyrics. It cracks me up every time.
  7. He’s a family man + makes sure that we see our families at least once a week.
  8. When he likes something, he really likes it. Netflix shows, songs, food, you name it. He never tires of watching or listening to the same thing over + over again.
  9. He’s a faithful Christ follower.
  10. He shares my desire to celebrate constantly.
  11. He feels most comfortable in greasy clothes + dirty boots, but enjoys throwing on a button-down + blazer to make his woman happy!
  12. He loves adventure + dancing + making fool of himself.
  13. He tried living his life like Ted Mosby (HIMYM), but now is an aspiring Ron Swanson (P&R).
  14. He makes me laugh everyday.

Now, I could go on+on about my man-bestie but I promised myself I would keep these posts short ‘n’ sweet. Thanks for reading.Image result for lips emoji
xo . t


We Are (all) Wickham

Matthew + I moved into our first home in September 2015. In 2 1/2 years we’ve learned a lot about owning a house, creating a home + dealing with conflicts. And wouldn’t ya know… after 2 1/2 years of truly being on our own, we’re about to move back in with our parents. Can’t you hear my enthusiasm?! All jokes aside, we are incredibly blessed to have the option of living with Matt’s parents while we build our dream house. So stay tuned, because I can promise some hiliarious/embarrassing/juicy stories will be coming in the next few (10!) months. Especially because Matt’s sister and her family will be moving in too!

For 10 months, most Wickham’s will be under one roof; giving a whole new meaning to our “We Are Wickham” mindset. Let the never-ending family dinners begin!

But really, please don’t mistake my sarcasm for being ungrateful. We are so so thankful for this opportunity to live with family + save money.

XO . T

photo by: Mapel Creek Photography